Games, they are a foundational pillar of any Youth Group, but how many times have they fallen short of their potential and just absolutely flopped? We plan what we think to be an amazing game and yet upon execution it just does not live up to the hype. We picture all our young guys getting pumped to take part and throwing up some pics on insta, yet all we get is a few suppressed cheers.

You see the issue isn’t the game, it’s not the teenagers, a lot of the time the issue is actually your MCing. The way the MCs present and commentate the game can determine if its a flop or a raging success. In fact if the MCing is on point then you can take an average game and even make that seem incredible.

So here is all you need to know to make an average game great and an Epic game unforgettable

  1. Know what you’re doing
  • One of the biggest handbrakes to a game going off is that the MC doesn’t properly know what they are doing. They aren’t familiar with the rules, they haven’t considered properly how each part of the game works, they haven’t thought about the order of the games or  they have no idea how to explain how the game works. All of these things are a handbrake to the night and immediately take away from the night when our teenagers are left talking amongst themselves about how the game works, or have no desire to get involved because to them it just makes no sense. You have to know what you are doing!

          Practical tips

  • Write down the rules/steps of the game
  • Try the game out with some friends before the night
  • Keep it simple, don’t over complicate the game (you will lose them if there are too many things to remember)

2. MC with energy 

  • Culture starts with you, basic leadership principle. Same thing applies when MC’ing games, the energy and hype starts with you. The way you present yourself, the tone with which you speak, the body language you convey all contributes to the atmosphere you are creating during the games at youth. You need to bring the energy that you want to see from your young people, if you aren’t excited about what you are doing, then how can we expect the teenagers to be?

          Practical tips

  • Speak loud and clear
  • Just be hyped!
  • Involve the crowd, get them cheering the players

3. Be Organised

  • Have a games team. If you can have a group of people to set up and pack up your games then it will seriously help you MC and do what you do. It will free you up and allow you to flow through everything you have planned without getting distracted. Your job is to focus on the teenagers and getting them excited for the game and not setting it up. Empower someone else to do the setup and pack down of the game so you can be freed to focus on what you are there for.

          Practical Tips

  • If  you are not the Youth Pastor then have a discussion with them about establishing a ‘Games Team’, this will free you up, but also release people to serve in youth. (a great team for young people that want to serve)

4. MC with a partner

  • This creates a better dynamic and fills in the awkward void. Mc’ing with someone else generally brings a better energy because you pick each other up. Having someone beside you will boost your confidence and lead to a better outcome.
  • This can also allow you to have people MC’ing that you have yet to try out but still have a great night because you have someone solid alongside them.

5. MC with Atmosphere

  • Music – the easiest thing you can do is make sure you have music pumping during your game. Get together an awesome Spotify playlist and have those beats turned up. A sure fire way to give your game some energy.
  • Lights – If you have lights then use them! have those movers going, make sure your house lights are turned down or off and just make your room look cool.
  • Hype beasts – Word up those leaders and teenagers who you know will bring the hype and energy on the floor. You need those hype guys, without them it makes everything you do that much harder. Make sure you have people ready to pump up every contestant, who will step up and be that insane, crazy contestant if you need and will just get everyone involved on another level.