As youth pastors we are always looking for cool ways to add to the vibe at our youth nights. Here is one idea that is cheap, easy and really effective! This table and chair set was made by the One Youth Victoria crew.


To make the chairs you draw and cut the desired shape straight out of a 44-gallon drum with an angle grinder. For theseat platform, cut a piece of strong ply to fit the circle. Three to four lengths of standard 2×4 timber fit between the floor and the seat platform to support the platform at the right height. The padding was made out of off-cuts of foam sourced from a local foam manufacturer and covered with a black material. Spray the barrel with black gross spray-paint and piece it all together. Really important to cover ALL edges with a rubber seal. These seats have a seal purchased from Clark Rubber and they clip onto the edges perfectly.

The table is just as simple, only needing a barrel, two lengths of 2×4 and some ply wood. Cut the barrel straight down the middle vertically to form the body of the table. Cut the leg shape from a strong ply wood. You could get creative with the feet, but the One Youth crew cut a simple trapezoid shape and cut the ‘U’ shape out of the top to fit the barrel. To fasten on the feet, use screws going from the inside of the barrel out into the wood and liquid nails will give it extra hold; just make sure the wood used for the feet is thick enough to avoid splitting. For the table top cut the shape you want, then screw on runners on the bottom side of the table-top that fit on the inside of the opening of the barrel. The runners are what you will use to fasten the table-top to the barrel. Refer to the simple diagram for a visual of how it comes together. With a bit sanding the table comes up really nice.

This one is definitely one worth a try! Hit us up with how you go or any designs you come up with.