Leading our youth into praise and worship is such an important part of what we do. When we come together as a body and lift up His name it makes room for incredible breakthrough. There is always more to discover in worship and also about worship. Which is why worship courses like the one run by our friends at CRC College, who’s course is run in partnership with Bethel WorshipU, are so important for our development.

To give you a few points to think about in leading people in worship we worked with CRC College to come up with 11 keys for effective worship leading.

1 – Preparation is paramount

As leaders we need to be prepared. It is an incredible privilege to lead people in worship and a huge part of honouring that is being prepared. There are two sides to prepping for worship, the obvious is practicing the music itself and the other is spiritually preparing. We have a responsibility to know the songs and even more of a responsibility to prepare spiritually through prayer and knowing His word.

2 – Know the structure to support the team

It is important as the leader or a member of a team to know the structure of the songs to help communicate clearly direction. In rehearsals it is always a good idea to discuss the order and flow of songs to make sure everyone is on the same page.

3 – Knowing the words releases you to focus on the Holy Spirits leading

Along with the previous points knowing, the words to the songs is a simple way to release you to think clearly about where the Holy Spirit is leading in a moment. Having to concentrate on words can detract from your focus in a moment. Again thinking about preparation, anything we can do to free up our focus in worship we should be working on.

4 – Use inclusive language

When working within a team environment, like a band, it is important to use inclusive language. So rather than saying, ‘I want you all to…’, wording it like this, ‘Hey guys, I really think we go after…’. Just this subtle difference can help foster a positive and supportive culture, which is key for the development of young leaders.

5 – Modest is hottest

This one almost goes without saying, but it is important enough to say again. We need to make sure we aren’t distracting the people we lead or causing anyone to stumble. If we are leading, particularly on a platform, we need to be conscious of the way we dress and carry ourselves. Modesty is always hottest.

6 – Check your heart

Worship is not about us, so let’s not make it about us. In our process of preparation and debrief we need to be intentional to give all the glory to God. Leading with humility allows God to do what He is wanting to do in peoples lives as people encounter Him, not us.

7 – Open your eyes and assess the room

More practically during worship, make sure you aren’t the only one having a moment with God. Our role as leaders of worship is to look around, assess the room and take people on a journey.

8 – The different between waiting and waaaaaaaaaiting

In those powerful moments, when God is moving in a powerful way we stop and enjoy the moment. But we have all been in those moments that seem to just keep going, and going… and going. Waiting upon the Lord is so essential, but when leading we also need to be in tune to when we need to move on to ensure waiting on God doesn’t turn into just waaaaaaaaaaaitng.

9 – But don’t be afraid of silence

That being said, it is a balance. We don’t want to be afraid of stillness and silence either. Because those moments where nothing is said can sometimes be the most powerful. The key is to be sensitive to what the Spirit is doing and that becomes more natural as we foster that relationship with Him during the week.

10 – Invite through a directive not a request

As leaders we can speak with an authority. Not to dictate for the sake of dictating, but we have a responsibility to help lead people. Rather than saying, ‘Let’s maybe, just, lift our hands, only if you, um, feel like it, but yeah, ok,’ we can step out in boldness and say, ‘let’s lift our hands and press into what God has for us today!’.

11 – Press in – break the glass ceiling

Sometimes we feel God is wanting to shift something, but it just feels like it isn’t quite there. These moments can be discouraging at first, but when we have put in the prep and dug those spiritual wells in our own life we can draw upon Him. Push through, intercede on behalf of those you are leading and allow him to stir your faith.

If you are passionate about worship and want to grow in this area we encourage you to get in touch with our friends at CRC College at https://crctraining.com/