It’s been a year like no other. You’ve been contacting teens more than you ever have, trying to help them through a Global Pandemic while also trying to get through it yourself!

You might feel refreshed from this year, but you might feel extremely tired. And so holidays are your time to rest and get ready for another year.

But what about your teens? What about spending time with them? It might be holidays but you’re still their youth leader. How do you find a balance on the holidays? Here’s a few tips we have on leading over the holidays.

1. REST– At the end of every year, we all need rest! But this year especially, take some time to rest properly. Have days to hang out with friends & fam. Have days to go to the beach, the drive ins, BBQ hangs, have days where that is your focus- just to rest!

2. SCHEDULE– Find a balance that works for you! Amongst the rest, schedule some time in with your teens. Do fun group hangs or go out for a coffee with them. Yes you need rest, but find some time to prioritise your teens still. This will look different for everyone, but find a schedule that is gonna work for you.

3. WATCH YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA– Don’t let your standards fall when you’re on holidays. Your teens still are watching what you post & like & follow! Your teens still need your guidance. They’re looking to you. Like Paul says in 1 Corinthians ‘follow my example as I follow the example of Christ’- teens are looking on your social media (probably more than usual because they have more time!) So keep your insta consistent over the holidays.

4. PRIORITISE CHURCH – Yes schedule in times for holidays, but when you’re not on holidays on a Sunday- prioritise going to church. Still post about church, still engage with church online. Don’t let yourself take a break from letting God move in your life.

Don’t forget your influence on your teens, still be part of their worlds throughout the holidays, but enjoy your rest!