We’ve spoken to a number of youth pastors around Australia and come up with what we think are 6 key Areas of transparency required in order to be effectively discipled. If you are intentionally transparent with these areas you are opening your self up to be developed in much faster way.

Your leaders should be able to speak into your life about all of these things. Sometimes that means that you need to openly ask your mentors to ask you these questions:

  1. How is your relationship with God
  • What is God speaking to you about
  • What are you wrestling with in scripture
  • Are you spending time with God
  • What scripture did you read today
  • What’s a recent revelation you’ve received during your devotions
  1. How is your relationship with others


  • Are your family supportive of your faith
  • Are your family supportive of your serving
  • Have you been spending time with your family


  • What type of people are you spending time with
  • What type of conversations are you having with friends
  • Are you being inclusive of others in your friendship group


  • Are you honoring God in your romantic relationships
  • Are you honoring yourself and the other person in your relationship
  • Have you been putting your self in compromising situations in your relationship
  • Are you moving towards marriage
  • Are you accountable in your relationship to one of your leaders or pastors. (If so who)
  • What boundaries have you put in place in your relationship
  • Is there any areas of your relationship you think are unhealthy or that might need to be looked at before it gets out of hand
  1. Finance 
  • Do you currently have a job
  • Are you budgeting successfully
  • Is the finance you’re bringing in enough to cover your weekly cost
  • Are you tithing
  1. Serving
  • Are you serving at a level that lines up with level of commitment you have made
  • What areas can you improve in your serving
  • Are you doing too much or too little
  • What something you should stop doing
  • What is something you should keep doing
  • What is something you should start doing
  1. Future dreams and aspirations
  • Whats your story – Where did you come from
  • Whats your dream – Your future Goals
  1. Who is Lord

Who is Lord of your: Will

  • Your decisions
  • Choices about your future, your studying, your work etc.

Who is Lord of your: Mind

  • Your thoughts – the things you feed into your mind
  • What are you watching
  • What are you liking on Instagram
  • Rubbish in rubbish out

Who is Lord of your: Body

  • The places that you go: Certian parties, clubs, & other unhealthy environments.
  • Also Fitness
  • Also Gluttony
  • Also Hygiene
  • Things you are physically doing or physically going.


If you are open with these 6 keys areas your growth will be guaranteed to be fast tracked.